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More Than Just Relaxation

General design:
  • All units are designed in an aesthetically pleasing modern and contemporary design and utilise sustainable design elements.
  • Optimal site placing to achieve peak natural heating and cooling.
  • Window placement ensures enhanced natural air circulation.
  • Wheel chair turning circles to all kitchen and main bathroom areas.
  • Designed ramp access to all units.
  • Streamlined walkways.
  • Door width designed to allow easy emergency medical evacuation.
  • Lift system to all multi storey buildings to accommodate ease of traversing and medical evacuations.
  • All walkways and staircases designed in accordance with the requirements of the prescribed Elderly Persons Act.
  • All staircases and walkways are lit at night in an energy efficient manner.
  • All free standing units will have its own exclusive use area with an internal boundary wall.
  • Wide list of optional extras to select from to create your dream home.
  • Streetscape design that allows for maximization of spatial availability.


Main Building & General Services:
  • Internet access in certain communal areas (Wi-Fi area).
  • Shuttle Service.
  • Garden services.
  • Village Management.
  • Fibre-optic internal communication system which allows free internal calls and access to emergency services.
  • Dining hall with a fully equipped kitchen which allows for large catered functions.
  • Exercise area that focuses on the elderly person and rehabilitation programmes.
  • Hair and beauty salon.
  • Lecture room.
  • Library.
  • Administrative offices.
  • Guest rooms.
  • TV Lounge and relaxation area.
  • Landscaped gardens.
  • Ample parking and guest parking facilities


Energy and sustainable design elements:
  • Electrical supply to never leave residents without emergency power & lighting.
  • Rainwater harvesting to all buildings and units.
  • Natural Highveld wetland with a circulation system.
  • Separate storm water system that take care of deluges and storm debris.
  • Walkways with a bird hide and communal relaxation areas in the wetlands.
  • Infrastructural design elements & facilities.
Medical Care

Medical Care That Works

Medical Care Centre:
  • Astute service provider with more than 23 years successful experience appointed as interim manager of the interim Medical Care Centre.
  • Adequately sized & equipped Medical Care Centre (to be delivered in the final phase).
  • Doctors and physiotherapist consultation rooms.
  • Instant medical alert system to each unit.
  • Purposely designed access and traversing space for special needs to all units and public spaces.
Medical and Wellness Centre:
  • Doctors and physiotherapist consultation rooms.
  • Assisted living units for sale.
  • Instant medical alert system to each unit.
  • Wound care rooms.
  • Purposely designed access and traversing space for special needs to all units and public spaces.
  • Gymnasium.
  • Social gathering spaces.

Excellent Investment

Full Ownership, not life rights:
  • Retirement estates, offering the correct combination of benefits, generally attract good rental demand.
  • A Medical Care Centre, high-level security, stately surrounding and exercising areas make La Vie Nouvelle such an estate.
  • With monthly bond repayments starting at very affordable levels, La Vie Nouvelle makes a very lucrative buy-to-rent investment opportunity.
  • Discuss the various housing options with our consultants to determine your perfect investment.
Guarantees and warrantees:
  • All guarantees and warrantees in respect of construction and relevant governing acts are passed onto owners.

All the above features will ensure that La Vie Nouvelle offers a product that is not merely a home, but so much more and with time should prove a very pleasing property investment for all owners, for children purchasing units for their parents and for people wishing to rent out their units.


A Safe Environment

  • An electrical perimeter fence around the complete development.
  • Security camera system installed atop the perimeter fence at various identified points feeding real time visuals into a control centre for immediate response.
  • Entrance control at the main gate using a primary system of number plate recognition and other stringent measures for visitors and a biometric system for pedestrians.
Guards will:
  • Man and control entrance to the main gate.
  • Undertake 24 hour patrols of the estate.
  • Report in to a control room managed by the appointed service provider as well as into said company’s master control room, effectively creating a double monitoring system.
  • Monitor movement from the control room and react immediately as a first port of call.
  • Alert their response centre upon any visible sign of criminal activity or breach and which will dispatch a response vehicle to the site.
  • Assist in being the first to respond should a panic alert be activated.
  • There is a control room housing monitors for all cameras and security related systems.
  • Direct telephonic linking from each unit to the control room to improve security.
  • Each resident will be issued with a water proof “panic button” for immediate alert at the control room.
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