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Who is Calgro M3?
Who is Calgro M3?

Calgro M3 is a residential development company that was founded in 1995. Calgro M3 focuses on two distinctive markets, namely:

  • Integrated housing developments (RDP, GAP, Social, Community Residential Units (CRU) and affordable housing, generally below R650 000 per unit),
  • Mid to High housing developments (Gated security projects including retirement housing, generally between R800 000 and R3 000 000).

The company embraces an all-encompassing business model, which allows input and control over all aspects of any project.

The full range of developments completed by Calgro M3 to date includes infrastructure such as water reticulation, sewer reticulation and road construction, hostels redevelopment, development and construction of newly built family units and relocation of existing hostels residents, and cluster developments. Projects are carried out alone or in strategic partnerships with municipal councils and financial institutions.

Operational management takes place through defined business units, with a healthy blend between expertise and succession appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions
Once I have purchased a unit, will it be possible for me to rent it out?

Yes, as in any sectional title development you may purchase a unit and rent it out until such time that you feel ready to move in. The only important thing to remember being that you may only rent it out to persons older than 50.

What are the advantages of a Sectional Title Village over a Life Right Village?

Sectional Title is a conventional way of purchasing property. The property will be registered in your name in the Deeds office. All capital growth is to your advantage.

In a Life Right Village the property is never yours and remains the property of the Seller. That means any capital growth accumulates for the benefit of the Seller and not you. You will at best receive the value of your investment at the time of purchase.

In our opinion not a very desirable way of owning a property.

May I change my floor plan?

Regrettably no. There is quite an extensive range of plans available and we are confident that a suitable unit, to your liking, will be amongst them.

What will happen to the property should I pass away?

It will go to your estate and according to your last will and testament your curator will deal with it accordingly.

Will there be lifts in the multi story buildings?

Yes, all Multi Story Buildings will be equipped with lifts as well as a backup generator in the case of a power outage. This makes for very accessible entry to all units.

Is La Vie Nouvelle a sustainable “Green Design” estate?

Most definitely. Extreme care was taken to ensure energy sustainable measures such as rainwater harvesting, reticulation of the wetlands, energy efficient house design, et al, to ensure low maintenance costs and sensitivity to the environment.

How does a levy contribution work?

In the levy schedule (ask your agent for a copy) it originates clearly that a levy is not a method of extracting “profit” from you, but purely a method of managing the collective affairs of all the different owners of property in the retirement village so that the benefits that were earmarked for the estate, remains available to the owners. On the levy schedule you will find all the obligations of the body corporate listed against corresponding amounts.

All these costs are calculated and allocated and payable in accordance with the Participation Quota that you proportionally own of the overall scheme. That means you pay in accordance with the size of your unit.

Will the levy be escalating?

Yes, as all costs are escalating it is only natural that the costs to the body corporate will escalate as well. Fortunately, you as a body corporate are in charge of your own affairs and therefore you may decide, on the advice of your auditor, how much this escalation will be.

Has the Body Corporate been formed?

Yes. There is an active Body Corporate and a duly elected board of trustees in place to ensure that the village runs smoothly.

Who will be the Medical Care operator?

The developer has appointed a service provider that has proven his mettle in this industry and who has successfully provided the very best medical care for the past 23 years at La Vie Care, as interim care provider. The developer aims to on-sell the Medical Care facility to a national operator whose core business would be the delivery of medical care, and with due consideration of the needs of estate residents.

Will outside patients be allowed in the Medical Care?

Yes, but for their own cost.

Will I be able to receive medical care inside my own home?

Yes, the specified list of costs from the service provider is included inside your marketing pack.

Will my medical aid pay for Medical Care?

It depends on your own Medical Aid.

Do we as owners have a say over who our service providers will be?

Yes, the service providers are appointed by the Developer and as soon as their contracts expires the body corporate may appoint new service providers.

Will there be a Laundry service?

Yes, you will be able to have your laundry done at the Service Centre once completed.

Will I be able to work from home?

Yes, as long as your work does not interfere with the other residents’ lifestyle, and subject to the rules of conduct of the estate.

Who will be in charge of the day to day running of the village?

At this stage the estate is “managed” by the duly elected trustees of which the developer is a member. Furthermore a registered management agent had been appointed to assist with general management agent activities.

Is this a wheelchair friendly village?

Yes, the Architect took wheelchair turning circles into account when the estate was designed.

What type of security will there be?

All units will receive a panic button which will be in direct contact with the Security Services on site. In addition to that there will be very strict security at all entrances as well as patrolling guards. CCTV cameras and Zoned Electric Fencing will be standard as well.

May I make use of my own domestic worker?

Yes, as long as she is registered as a domestic worker with the body corporate.

May I make use of my own gardener?

Included in your levy is the fee for Garden Services that will take care of all the gardens.

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