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La Vie Nouvelle Retirement Estate

All units are designed in an aesthetically pleasing modern and contemporary design and utilise sustainable design elements. Optimal site placing to achieve peak natural heating and cooling. Window placement ensures enhanced natural air circulation.
Superb care facility for the aged under construction. An astute service provider with more than 21 years successful experience appointed to manage and oversee Medical Care Centre.
Retirement estates, offering the correct combination of benefits, generally attract good rental demand. Medical Care that works, high-level security, stately surrounding, exercising areas and an unique Medical Care Centre make La Vie Nouvelle such an estate.
Manned and controlled entrance gate with internal patrolling of roads and pathways. Also featuring a Panic alert system to each unit and emergency power for sustainable essential services.

La Vie Nouvelle means a new life.

Retirement estates are not merely supposed to be old age homes. La Vie Nouvelle was designed to fill your retirement years with meaning and purpose, leaving you enduringly satisfied.

Feel free to peruse these pages at your leisure and should you believe La Vie Nouvelle is the retirement estate you wish to learn about more, kindly request our professional consultants to contact you at your convenience.

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